Healthy, from your teeth to your toes

Eating, talking and smiling are just a few things your mouth does throughout the day. It can do a lot more. For example, more than 120 diseases can be spotted by looking in your mouth. It’s connected to your overall health. And HealthPartners MouthWise Matters is about keeping you healthy. After all, your mouth is connected to your body:


MouthWise Matters

Managing your health doesn’t have to be hard. Knowing what to do, what to watch for and when to visit your dentist goes a long way to feeling your best.

Here to help

You’re not alone. HealthPartners is here to help you feel your best. Call Member Services for questions about your HealthPartners Dental plan at 800-883-2177. Looking for a dentist? Find a dentist that’s right for you - log in or sign up.

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