Health coaching for members

When you’re ready to make healthy changes in your life, it’s good to have a helpful expert at your side. Our health coaches offer advice, tools and encouragement to help you achieve a healthy-for-you weight, quit tobacco or vape, and more – all at no additional cost.

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Our no-cost health coaching services

It’s easy for HealthPartners members to sign up and work with a health coach. Our coaches can help you:

A health coach is a professional who has training and experience in certain health areas, like weight management, quitting smoking and more. Our professionally and nationally certified coaches partner with members to provide customized guidance, advice and encouragement, either one on one or in a group setting. You can work with a health coach through email, over the phone or by video call.

What to expect when you meet with a health coach

Your health coach will partner with you to learn more about your current health and your motivation behind making changes. From there, your coach will share their expertise along with tailored resources and proven, evidence-based techniques to help you tackle obstacles. You’ll also create a plan with your coach to set realistic and measurable goals, along with regular check-ins to track your progress and get support along the way.

HealthPartners health coaching is included with your insurance benefits

All HealthPartners members have access to health coaches to help with weight management – and quitting smoking, vape and tobacco – at no additional cost. Your plan might also include coaching resources for help with additional well-being goals or specific health conditions.

To see what’s included with your plan, sign in to Living Well to take your health assessment. After you’re finished, we’ll show you health coaching services you’re eligible for. You can also contact Member Services to see what’s available for you.