Our vaccination and screening recommendations

Putting health and well-being first

As one of the premier health care organizations in the Midwest, HealthPartners has an important responsibility to look out for the health and safety of everyone in our communities. This commitment is at the foundation of everything we do. It’s also a key reason why we require some of our colleagues to receive certain health screenings and strongly advise certain vaccinations.

Screenings and vaccinations

Depending on job role, some colleagues may be required to receive certain health screenings and strongly advised to receive certain vaccinations, including yearly flu shots, staying up to date with vaccination against COVID-19 and other workplace-communicable diseases.

  • Requirements and recommendations may change from time to time, depending on public health laws and other standards
  • Talk with your HealthPartners recruiter to learn more about our current colleague health screening and vaccination standards

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)